Tag: acanthus


  • Friday

    Friday is a member of [[The Black Friday Rule | The Black Friday Rule]]. Her devil-may-care attitude is notable, even for an Acanthus. A bit of a hipster, and attending a local college as an art major, she nevertheless finds time to serve as her cabal's …

  • Malory

    Malory is the recently elected Hierach of Seattle. Although well liked in the consilium, he has never served as a councillor, or even as a provost. The rumors are that he was selected as a compromise candidate by the councillors after the death of [[: …

  • Bingham

    Bingham is known as something of an explorer, often setting out on expeditions to the less civilized corners of the world after some artifact or another.

  • Sargon

    Sargon is a member of [[The Emerald Aegis | The Emerald Aegis]]. His real name is Roger Hodges. A dark haired man with a hawkish nose, Sargon comes off as a rather severe and grim character to most.