Dreams of Nothing

I Am A Revenant

Our protagonists are formally released from their tutelage, but aren’t allowed to join any of the existing cabals. Instead, Malory forms a new cabal from the newly minted mages, and grants them the use and protectorship of a disused hallow and sanctum. After getting the tour from Cervantes, the consilium herald, they quickly begin investigating their new home. They discover a secret chamber, with evidence of cult activities. Clever use of magic puts the new cabal on the trail of an Abyssal cult, with possible ties to missing mages. They discover the possible leader of the cult is a former Seer going by the name Talon. After word of their investigation is leaked by Salvage, it becomes clear that the threat is much larger than our cabal suspected.

The story so far....

The city of Seattle is a chaotic place for the Awakened lately. The last 2 years seen a lot of clashes with the local Seers of the Throne. Neither side has managed to make much in the way of lasting gains, and so a long war of attrition has set in. Just a couple months ago the consilium Hierarch , Silver, was killed in a daring raid on one of the city’s most powerful hallows. His replacement was mostly a compromise candidate finally selected in desperation as the various political power blocks amongst the Pentacle mages were unwilling to give their rivals too much of a hold on the council. No one expects much from Malory, a well liked but scholarly and withdrawn mage. In the wake of the new Hierarch, the various political factions are openly vying for influence. A couple of mages have recently dissappeared, and no one is sure if it is political rivalries heating up, or a renewed round of subtle strikes from the Seers.

In the midst of the turmoil, a handful of young mages have just been released from their apprenticeship. Malory has called these young mages together to congratulate them on their newfound status as full-fledged members of Awakened society. And here our story begins.


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